Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Most Recent Projects:

I just completed this ceiling fan sculpture. I am hoping to use it in conjunction with a drawing on the wall.
A large drawing I have been working on with some sculptures in front of it. Also some smaller drawings of garbage bags in different places.
I have been setting up miniature still-lives/installations and taking photographs of them.


I have been working with the idea of the garbage bag a lot. It has become the main character in the work for the time being.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Studio/New Work

The most recent large piece I am working on. It is a bit different in terms of subject matter and the spacial configuration. I also have begun to use graphite, something that I haven't used in the large drawings before.
A new piece I have been working on. It is about 5ft x 7ft.- still not sure about it.

This is where we have critiques, as well as take breaks and play ping pong.
My new studio. It is really great because it has these huge windows that face the north.

New Studio

This is the hallway to my new studio at RISD. I am at the end, Studio 201, there are mainly first year grad painters on this floor, as well as some printmakers.