Sunday, November 22, 2009

Current Happenings:

The current state of my studio.
A new painting I am working on- its acrylic on a really thin piece of Birch wood.
A drawing done from a set-up in my studio.

A small set-up in my studio that I am using to draw from.
A still-life I have set up in my studio right now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My New Job:

This semester at RISD, I have been working as a monitor at the Nature Lab. This is a place on campus where you can come and draw and check out specimens for your work. It contains countless things from skeletons, plants, fish, shells, butterflies...etc etc etc. There are also many live animals in the lab like a snake, turtles, fish, doves, and a tortoise that I take care of. It has been a really interesting place to work so far, a much needed break in the week from my studio.

A view from the desk I sit at.
This is the back room, which contains all of the skeletons and bones.
I take care of two cabinets- this one contains bird specimens and eggs.

Mid-Term Review:

This is an installation view of my mid-term critique. It was held in a critique space on the same floor as my studio.

An installation view of my mid-term review.
An experiment I tried for the review- putting the objects with the back drop of the drawing- still unsure about it. I may just keep the pieces (ceiling fan, rug, and drawing) on there own.
A recent work using pastel and pencil.
Image of the installation of all of the collages I have made so far this semester.
Image of a collage using screen printing, collage, marker, and pencil.

Smaller drawing, possible study for something larger.
Party After Mid-Term Reviews at a classmate's apartment.