Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am a Knitting Machine

The first sweater I have ever made! It turned out pretty good for my first one. Although the sleeves are different lengths and I had to unravel my knitting for about 7in. because I made it way to long above the arm wholes. This is why there is a bit of messiness around the neck. I am so happy to have it completed took me about 40 hopefully the next one won't take me nearly as long.

A back view of my sweater.

These are all of the samples I have made so far in my machine knitting class. There are about 25 of them and they all use different knitting techniques.
These samples are various techniques. I really like how the gray one with the red turned out. I will be using that pattern for another larger project to come.
More samples! This one is a stripe pattern and then bunched together at various points.

A close up view of some of the samples. The white fabric is made by using pleating techniques and the purple one is using short rowing; which is where you put the machine on hold for portions while constructing it.
Various samples I have made on the machine knitter.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Machine Knitting

For the next six weeks it is winter session at RISD, which means everyone is taking one concentrated course. I am taking Machine Knitting, something I know nothing about, but am very interested in how knitting could effect my sculptural forms. The images below show what I have been doing this first week of class.
The machine knitting studio.
My knitting machine!
A close up view of the machine knitter.
The first attempt at my homework didn't really turn out... there a lot of messed up parts you cannot see in this photo.
My first assignment still on the machine, in process...
My first assignment drying on a towel in my bathroom. Once you finish the piece, you wash it in the sink to allow the fibers to relax. The assignment was about making a stripe pattern and then repeating it three times.
A detail view of my first assignment for machine knitting class. We had to make a stripe pattern based off of an image of a landscape.