Saturday, March 20, 2010

Long Overdue.

These are some objects I have been collecting as a color study for my work. Although, it has kind of turned into a piece on its own. I view it as a live and make station.
This is a new drawing I am working on-it's about 5 x 8ft. I have been thinking about incorporating pattern more into my work. This piece has some prints and rubbings of different patterns within in.
I stretched paper for the first time ever a few days ago- it turned out pretty well- although still a bit unsure of this painting- it's still in process. This is acrylic and graphite on paper.
Some new paintings I have been working on. I am thinking about them as studies for going in an installation or drawing later on. The paintings are acrylic on Styrofoam with vinyl.

Trying to think about building paintings instead of making them-this one turned out a bit corny but I still like it.

Some studies I have been painting on styrofoam- not sure about them yet. They may eventually go in something else later.
I will post more pictures later-but this is an image of a piece I have in a show called Totemic at The Gelman Gallery at the RISD Museum. It turned out to be a pretty cool show-will post more later.