Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Year of Grad School: complete

This is the installation shot from my final critique of the year, which took place in my studio. I showed two major wall pieces and a grouping of small sculptures.

This piece was the first that I made after my mid-term critique. In considering the feedback I received from that crit, I decided to work from activities that I do at home instead of depicting them through imagery. I began by concentrating on verbs that I do in my apartment (sorting, stacking, washing, cutting, folding, etc. etc.) For this piece I used the verb stacking as my launching point and used that motion to build the piece. This painting is approx. 5x5ft.
One of the pieces from my final critique. It is approx. 10ft x 4ft.
A detail view
A grouping of smaller sculptures from the final critique. The stack of objects I am hoping to work on much more so it becomes really large.
Another small sculpture. Acrylic on paper mache on carpet square. Still not sure about this one yet....
A small sculpture I made for my final critique of the year. It is about 3ft tall.