Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer in Pont-Aven

During the month of June, I was asked to be a teaching assistant for a summer program that Brown University hosts at the Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art (PASCA) in Pont-Aven, France. I was a TA for a drawing and a printmaking course which each met twice a week. There were 30 total students in the program, 4 faculty members, and three TAs. The following photos are documents of my experience at the school and also the various trips we took on the weekends. Pont-Aven is an amazingly beautiful place and it was really inspiring to be making work in a location with such a complex art history.
The outside of Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art.

The four faculty in the middle, myself on the right with the founder of PASCA and Hope (the other TA) on the left with Gwen, who is now in charge of PASCA, and the dean of summer studies from Brown University. We are standing in the main gallery where the faculty show was hanging at the end of the program.

Me working in my studio at PASCA.

My cleaned up space for open studios.

Still not sure what to call this piece...but it is a small acrylic on plaster painting sitting on wood and vinyl.

A detail.

Another painting I made with acrylic and graphite on plaster.

A large drawing (5 x 8ft)- acrylic, vinyl, and graphite on paper.

Three other works that were included in the show. The two smaller pieces are acrylic and watercolor on plaster and the drawing is marker, vinyl, graphite, and watercolor on paper.

Interieur/Exterieur, Dubois Gallery. Hope Hardesty (right) and Katie Bell (left).
On the last day in Pont-Aven we opened up the studios to the public. The faculty and the other TA and I had shows in the gallery spaces.

The Port in Pont-Aven.

A lecture given on Gauguin by the founder of PASCA, Catherine Boyle Turner.

A show I co-curated in the student gallery at PASCA.

The studios at PASCA.

Images from Pont-Aven

Amazing seaweed in the River Aven, this was taken really close to the school.

A delicious meal I had in Pont-Aven.

Rospico Beach, Port Manech.

The river that students would draw from, it is about 100ft from the school.

A view from out my bedroom window in Pont-Aven.
The public toilets in the center of Pont-Aven.
Moule et frites!
On the bus to Mount St. Michel.
Seaweed on some mussels at Rospico Beach, about 15 min. from Pont-Aven.
On all the bus trips we took each bus had a TV screen at the front that was a direct recording of where we were going....weird.
A barn falling down just on the outskirts of Pont-Aven.