Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feeling so brand new...

Hello! I am back, after a bit of a summer hiatus. Summer in Providence has been full of changes for me and my surroundings. After returning from France, I have been settling into my new apartment and my new, plush, second-year studio at RISD.


My brand new studio! It is huge.

The painting on the wall to the left is the thing I am working on currently. It is a stretched, sewn canvas/linen combo on top of a painting on the wall. It is still in process.

The painting/wall collage on the far left is also in process. I have layered a number of building and home materials directly onto the wall. I envision paint playing a major role on the final paper surface.


The street my new apartment is now located on.

My new kitchen.

The main room in the apartment with a loft/desk area.

An image of Water/Fire in Providence, a celebration that takes place downtown various times throughout the summer. It mainly consists of a lot of people watching bonfires on the canal.