Thursday, December 16, 2010

Final Critique of Fall Semester

The newest piece I just finished two days ago. It is a wall painting that uses window blinds, acrylic paint, carpet, wood, and plaster.
The piece on the left keeps evolving into different versions.

These are some small painting studies I have been working on. I am using them as samples and as ways to look at materials.

Group Show News

I am very excited to announce that my fellow RISD painters and I have gotten a show at Mixed Greens Gallery in NYC. It will be a show that follows our thesis show in Providence. The dates are June 16th - July 8th. We are all really excited about this. Check out the gallery's website!

The newest iteration:

The main component in this piece is the painting that I showed at my mid-term critique. It keeps expanding, now there are pieces of wood and paint on top of it, as well as carpet and a painted frame on the wall around it.

A trip to the Met.

An installation on the roof of the Met by Doug and Mike Starn titled 'Big Bambu'.
Amazing 18th century French porcelain.

Mid-Term Reviews

An installation shot of the work I had for my mid-term review.

Dining Table
2 x 8ft
Wood, acrylic, and various found materials

When the Wall came crashing down...