Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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"To lift a carpet, open a closet, draw the curtains. Everything is a source of inspiration for Katie Bell. Her palette of colors is made of wallpaper, linoleum, vinyl and doormats, strips of domestic surface to be transformed into abstract art.
But Katie Bell’s mixed media collages are not just imaginative kaleidoscopes. Her compositions resemble peepholes through which to observe the most obscure and hidden aspects of our domestic spaces, and associate them with the creative process of painting.
How? Fixing up the home and painting are activities with a few points in common. Just as rearranging furniture is a way of dealing with the past, modifying it and covering it, in the same way the three dimensional and abstract art of Katie Bell means rearranging elements in a constant battle between was is revealed and what is instead concealed.
The artist, now based in Brooklyn, re-elaborates an ancient artistic practice such as that of painting, contaminating it with sculpture and domestic chores, and putting it in relation with an unusual physical context.
Piece of shutters, parquet floor, insulating material and chalk collide in a concentrate of destruction and balance, where remnants of familiar objects, freed of their functionality, play on the border of a new identity."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Installing at the Active Space

THIS SHOW OPENS THIS FRIDAY- 566 Johnson Ave. Bushwick, Brooklyn 6-10PM

My work on the left and my friend Rachel Hayes on the right.