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Limber in Rouen, France

 Jost Münster, Katie Bell, Irene Van de Mheen, and Jim Lee

 Jost Münster and Katie Bell

 Simon Callery, Irene Van de Mheen, Jost Münster, and Katie Bell

 Irene Van de Mheen

 Elodie Seguin and Simon Callery

 Elodie Seguin

 Elodie Seguin

 Irene Van de Mheen, Jim Lee, and Ian Bottle

 Irene Van de Mheen, Ian Pedigo, and Audrey Reynolds

 Ian Pedigo

 Simon Callery

Simon Callery, Irene Van de Mheen, and Ian Bottle

Limber in Canterbury, UK

Jost Münster and Simon Callery

Jost Münster, Simon Callery, and Ian Pedigo

Simon Callery and Katie Bell

Katie Bell

Katie Bell

Katie Bell

Ian Bottle and Audrey Reynolds

Eloide Seguin, Jost Münster, Guillermo Mora, and Ian Bottle

Katie Bell and Elodie Seguin

Jim Lee

Jost Münster

Ian Bottle

Jim Lee and Irene Van de Mheen

Irene Van de Mheen

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Rushgrove House

I was recently involved with a show in London at the Rushgrove House. This was a project curated by Byzantia Harlow and Paula Lopez Zambrano through the Royal College of Art. 

These artists were involved with the show: