Friday, March 8, 2013

Upcoming group show in D.C.

Delicious Spectacle is proud to present:

No Longer Presidents but Prophets
curated by Brian Barr and Lauren Rice
March 15 – April 5, 2013

No Longer Presidents but Prophets explores Patti’s Smith’s “new breed”, in relation to French philosopher Jacques Ranciere’s notion of the Politics of Aesthetics and the Aesthetics of Politics. In much critical dialog an opposition is set between art becoming life and art as art, form and context. This exhibition brings together 8 artists who, through their work, explore critical aesthetics politically with their subversive use of craft and material, or engage with socio-political content aesthetically.  The title of the exhibition, No Longer Presidents but Prophets, evokes a romantic longing for transformation, reconnection and change in relation to the mediators of experience and culture, either political or aesthetic. Seeking a way out of the dead end of Post-modernity and it’s simplification of signs as empty vessels void of meaning, and content production as an exhausted field where all that is left to do is reshuffle the deck, curators Brian Barr and Lauren Rice combine a group of artists who seem at once aesthetically different and yet similar. They seem as different and yet similar, perhaps, as the metaphors used in Patti Smith’s poetry and the aesthetic theory of Jacques Ranciere. All of the artists included in No Longer Presidents but Prophets embrace the liminal space between form and content, meaning and experience, maker and viewer, by aestheticizing politics or politicizing aesthetics.

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