Sunday, September 15, 2013

Opening of LIMBER (Canterbury, UK)

 From left to right: Jost Münster, Guillermo Mora, Elodie Seguin, Ian Bottle, Jim Lee, Irene van de Mheen

 Myself, Ian Bottle, Audrey Reynolds, and Elodie Seguin

 Ian Bottle, Elodie Seguin, and Audrey Reynolds

 Jost Münster, Simon Callery, Irene van de Mheen, and Ian Pedigo

 Jost Münster, Simon Callery, Elodie Seguin, and myself

 Guillermo Mora and Ian Bottle

 Jim Lee and Irene van de Mheen

 Irene van de Mheen

 Simon Callery and Ian Pedigo

 Jost Münster

 Audrey Reynolds

 Mayor of Canterbury!

 Cherry Smyth

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