Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Group Show in San Francisco

C2c project space is pleased to announce our summer exhibition Project #7
This show is a break from our standard programming, where an artist from New York is paired with one from the bay area, and the duo is given the run of our space.  Instead, Project #7 features a focus on curatorial process combined with the underpinning c2c concept.   This decision allows us to present what is our nod to the perennial art world institution that is the  “summer group show” without forgoing our mission to act as a catalyst in the cultivation of a broader bicoastal art-based conversation. 
Therefore, for Project #7, we are excited to have the opportunity to pair two curators, Christopher Joy from NYC and Cléa Massiani from San Francisco.
Christopher Joy is a NYC based curator and partner in the Brian Morris Gallery ( He is also a co-producer of the documentary art project Gorky’s Granddaughter ( and maintains a studio sculpture practice as well.  Cléa Massiani is a curator, writer, and artist representative currently working in the Bay Area. Originally from France, she holds a Masters degree in Early Modern History from the Sorbonne and a second one in Exhibition and Museum Studies from the San Francisco Art Institute. Cléa is a founding partner at Bass & Reiner Gallery ( in San Francisco. Both Massiani and Joy engage in a process where their selections are based on choosing artists doing work that, when shown together form a dialog that has the potential of expanding on and elaborating their original curatorial concept.   
For Project 7, Joy and Massiani have worked loosely in adherence to the theme of “domesticity”.  This is intended to highlight the exhibition space’s alternative nature  as the home of artist and c2c director Kirk Stoller, while also stretching the limits of what is considered domestic. Artists whose work is featured include NYC artists Glen Goldberg, Todd Knopke, and Katie Bell, and Stephanie Rohlfs, Lauren DiCioccio and Imin Yeh from the Bay Area.

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